Video: Tea and Company

Visiting Wellesley College campus for a special anniversary gathering

Australia’s “Columbus Day”

In honor of Survival Day, I’m sipping Eucalyptus tea.

Video: Brewing Up a Cure

A Peruvian Curandero or medicine man works to pass on traditional healing wisdom to the next generation in his old age.

Kombucha, the Champagne of Teas

It’s fizzy. It’s fruity. It’s sour. It’s sweet. And it’s a healthy way to beat summer heat. I’m talking about Kombucha, which, like so many thousands-of-years-old foods is this-minute trendy. Even as soda… Continue reading

The Postman Rang Twice

Wow! I’ve been twice blessed. Yesterday, I got a surprise package in the mail from my twin sister Jeanne…   And it was these lovely amber and sterling tea pot earrings from Amber… Continue reading

#Blackgirlmagic Weekend at Wellesley College

In my previous post, I’d promised to upload some photos, so here they are. Held each year in honor of Kathleen Daly ’80, the Ethos Black Excellence Gala is a formal affair that celebrates… Continue reading

Tempest from a Teapot: It’s how the Women’s Rights Movement was born!

“Afternoon Tea” by Albert Levering 1910 March is Women’s History Month! With election season at a rolling boil and a female Presidential candidate currently the Democratic front-runner, it may interest you to know… Continue reading

Hot On Menus: Specialty Iced Teas

Finally, the weather’s getting warmer! If you’re headed to that sidewalk cafe or rooftop bar for a little refreshment, you’ll find more options beside standard sweetened or unsweetened iced tea this year. Fifty… Continue reading

Yum! Girl-Scout Goodness Without The Guilt

It’s that time of year! Girls clad in green, their smiling faces at your doorstep or outside the supermarket as impossible to resist as the packages they’re peddling. Thankfully, Bigelow has just introduced… Continue reading

Ancient Tradition Meets Modern Convenience

  The Japanese have put their own accent on the food truck craze. Here’s a mobile tea ceremony featuring matcha.

Small Acts

“So the small things came into their own: small acts of helping others, if one could; small ways of making one’s own life better: acts of love, acts of tea, acts of laughter.… Continue reading


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