I Heart Tea



By Althea Aikens

They say tea soothes your heart & soul, but recently we learned there’s an actual tea for the heart – like really! When the hubs was feeling light headed one day a few months back he decided to head to the ER. Turns out, his blood pressure (diastolic and systolic numbers) were alarmingly high. To the point they were thinking of admitting him. His only non-admittance condition, upon release, run don’t walk to the pharmacy and get on blood pressure meds ASAP. He was also advised to bring his weight down and exercise. Since he exercises 3 to 4x a week, we figured this wouldn’t pose a challenge for him at all. Wrong! The blood pressure meds came with side effects that contradicted a more active life like: lack of energy, low drive, feeling sad, to name a few. He was fortunate to have a sister who’s a nutritionist refer him to a doctor in midtown Manhattan who specializes in conventional and alternative medicine. Meaning, he spoke to our preferred “berries and herbs healing” lifestyle. With an apothecary right on the premises, they mixed the hubs up a bag of Cardiovascular tea. Yup, that’s right a tea specifically geared to Cardio health. This tea consists of a proprietary blend of hibiscus flowers, hawthorne berries, artichoke leaf and gingko leaf. Twice a day the tea is prepared in a steeper and enjoyed soothing and hot in a cup. Now, his pressure is down and back to normal and he’s back to feeling fully energized and down 10 pounds. Now that’s a heart-tea finish.

Althea Aikens' husband healed his heart with the goodness of ginko & hibiscus tea

Althea Aikens’ husband healed his heart with the goodness of ginko & hibiscus tea